Internet Media: TWITTER© Panel Management,(TPM)

The Twitter©Panel Management ,( TPM),is another solution inside the Internet Magazine flexible and global offer to improve the performance of your Client´s message.

The challenge : to create a flexible and low cost tool that can help SME to have a CRM with the  creation of the appropriate Panel in term of key demographic audience.

The solution :  The Twitter©Panel Management ,( TPM)

Instead to focus on an huge numbers of Followers we have been wanting to reach a level of Followers we can handle in term of  direct contact. They are the Panel.

For that we focused on the following  key elements and among them :

a) an extremely selective selection of the request to follow us in order to achieve the  key demographic audience that can cover all the Internet Magazines, ( Inzines), we have. For this reason we refuse around the 95% of the request

b) to be in contact with them

c) to carefully selects the Tweets we deliver. Globally  our Inzines have more then 4.000 posts but we have sent only1.673 Tweets ,( as at June, 19th 2012),to inform our Followers

Thanks to this we  have achieved a Panel of selected  Followers,( as at June ,19th 2012), that are the   key demographic audience, ( from CEO´s , Senior Followers/Scholars, Artists, Senior Journalists,New Media Professionals,Designers to common people), we need to create a Panel able to inform us about all our Inzines.

Demographic ( Worldwide based)
Senior Journalists / Editorialists ( from design to geopolitics or finance) 39
People interested on what we publish but that describe  themself without mentioning their jobs,( for exp. Housewife,Fahter of 2 …) 35
New Media / Internet Professional 28
Enterprenuer (SME) 28
Artist / Curators/ Creatives / Writers/Architecture/Food/Lifestyle 24
Designer ( including fashion) 21
Trusts / Financial Advisor ( with more than 300 Milion US$ managed funds) 17
Choach / HR Specialists 15
Music/ Movies/Game 13
Senior Follower/Scholar/University Professor / Think Tank / University  (from sociology to finance) 11
 Online Community ( also social) 11
Middle/Senior Manager 10
MD / Health- Welness Specialists 8
CEO ( medium/big enterprises) 7
NGO´s 4

We can offer to your Client the know-how to develop its own TPM.

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